Breaking News: Globalist, Clinton campaign working towards stealing November election. False flag attack looming?

Breaking News: Hillary  Clinton  is a compulsive liar. Complete sociopath.

Breaking News: Terror threat continues to grow. Islamic Terrorists strike France. Again. One priest slaughtered, throat slit.


Breaking News: Bernie Sander’s strongly supports Hillary Clinton at DNC.

Philadelphia, PA. On what became a chaotic first day of the democratic convention, Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke to cool tempers and unite a troubled party. With the news of yet another email scandal, centered around Hillary Clinton, Bernie supporters took to the streets, marching to the DNC convention center. Chants of “Lock her up” and “Hell no DNC, we won’t vote for Hillary” rang out. Many self identified Democrats and Socialist insisted they would with hold their vote and not support Mrs. Clinton.

Scandal after scandal have plagued Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party as a whole. With the world watching in disbelief as the US mainstream media fails to report these atrocities. Curiosity gathered outside the convention center as Sanders began to speak. What followed was a bunch of bureaucratic rhetoric and an attempt to stipple the voice of his unhappy supporters. Just how Mr. Sanders speech impacted his supporters is yet to be fully known. We may never know the real reason Sanders decided to double down on his support for Hillary, after being cheated in the primaries, but we may all speculate that he didn’t want to become another statistic on the Clinton Kill List.

Bernie Sanders previously speaking
Bernie Sanders previously speaking