A  Christian organization with deep conservative and biblical beliefs. We are initiating the charge, to be a light of Yeshua, Christ Jesus in a very dark and desperate world, searching for answers. We have no party loyalties and are not necessarily partial to any one candidate, politician, or other elected officials. However, if an individual fits the criteria of the values established by Conservatives for Christ, then we will or do support he/she or they.

Conservatives for Christ core values and stances on issues:

†We believe God creates each and every life and in doing so has a point and purpose for all. There is no more innocence than the life of the unborn. Conservatives for Christ takes a zero tolerance stance of abortion and are actively and persistently fighting against the murderous practice.

†We believe in the sanctity of marriage. God created and intended on the traditional family, marriage between one man and one woman.

†We believe in a strong military and police force, however, we are oppose to the unconstitutional invasion of privacy by big brother. We believe as sovereign citizens we have the inherent right to privacy.

†We are strong advocates for the 2nd amendment and believe it is of our most precious and guaranteed rights. We are opposed to all forms of gun registry and tracking. It is our God given right and duty to protect our life and the life’s of our family and neighbors.

†We support our troops and returning veterans extensively. We are a voice for them and we stand united with the men and women who risked it all for us.

Many other views and opinions will be expressed and made known clearly and in a transparent manner. All views and opinions published by Conservatives for Christ absolutely DO reflect our views as an organization.

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With love in Christ,

Kyle Gene Watts

Chairman of Conservatives for Christ